Mono-Oriented Polyolefin Film


Cablerite is an oriented polyolefin film used in the cable industry. Cablerite is designed to provide a binder in communication cable and is applied to the cable prior to cable jacketing. A tight wind with a spring action in the film provides a uniform bundled cable.


  • High MD tensile
  • Better forming than polyester
  • Reduces polyester cross tear
  • Impervious to moisture
  • High dielectric per mil
  • Can be easily printed


  • Good Dielectric properties
  • Cable wrap
  • ID Tape
  • Bundling

General Data

Typical ValuesUnitsTest Method
Area Yieldin²/lb21,85719,12515,30014,57110,2006,120Trico
DielectricVolts> 6> 8> 9> 9> 12> 20ASTM D149
Tensile Strength @ Break (PSI)MD37,00037,00037,00037,00037,00037,000ASTM D882
TD3,5003,5003,5003,5003,5003,500ASTM D882
Elongation @ Break (%)MD505050505050ASTM D882
TD500500500500500500ASTM D882
Heat Shrinkage @ 212F (10 min)%< 2< 2< 2< 2< 2< 2Trico
Corona TreatmentDynes464646464646ASTM D2578

Upon request, other gauges can be supplied from 1.4 – 8 mils. Modification to the above values can be made depending on the end use of the film structure.

Note: These values are typical performance data. We believe the information is the best currently available and is offered as a helpful determination for selecting TSF’s products. Trico Specialty Films, LLC makes no guaranties of results and assumes no liability with correctness of this information.