Trico’s products are fully customizable to fit your application.

If our current products do not meet your needs our engineering team will work with you to develop the product that meets your specification.

We offer:

  • Thickness: 3.0 to 40 mil cast and 1 to 10 mil oriented
  • Widths: Up to 62 inch
  • Roll Size: Up to 27″ OD
  • Surface Treatment: Up to 44 Dynes/cm2
  • Core Size: 3″ and 6″ ID
  • Extruded films can be cut into sheets or wound onto rolls (up to 48” O.D.)

Trico is proud to offer Custom Film Extrusion services to many industries. We take your raw materials and extrude film to your custom width and thickness.

Contact us to get your project started!

For additional converting capabilities, visit our partner Arlin Mfg. Co., Inc.