Directional Tear Retortable Packaging


DR is a single layer, Retortable, Polypropylene film, specifically designed with exceptional MD linear tear properties. The film is best suited for horizontal fill machines, die-cut or gusseted applications.


  • High MD tensile
  • Low shrinkage
  • Wide range of gauges and colors
  • Low MD elongation

Standard Colors

  • Clear
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Ivory
  • Red


  • Flexible Packaging
  • Retort Sealant Web

General Data

Typical ValuesUnitsTest Method
Thickness Rangemils2.00 - 5.00Trico
Nominal Yieldin2/lb10,930Trico
Haze (Clear Film)%25ASTM D1003
Opacity (White Film)%50Trico
Tensile Strength @ Break (PSI)MD28,000ASTM D882
TD4,500ASTM D882
Elongation @ Break (%)MD40ASTM D882
TD500ASTM D882
Coefficient of Friction (uD)A Side0.75ASTM D1894
B Side0.50
ASTM D1894
Electrostatic TreatmentDynes38ASTM D2578
Heat Seal Temperature°F340Trico
Heat Seal Strength (varies with temp and duration)lb/in30+Trico

Upon request, other gauges can be supplied from 1.2 – 8 mils. Modification to the above values can be made depending on the end use of the film structure.

Note: These values are typical performance data. We believe the information is the best currently available and is offered as a helpful determination for selecting TSF’s products. Trico Specialty Films, LLC makes no guaranties of results and assumes no liability with correctness of this information.