Machine Direction Oriented Polyethylene Film (MOPE)


Envirite is a clear High Tensile MOPE film. This mono layer film is designed to improve the recyclability of polyethylene packages without sacrificing clarity and physical properties. Envirite is the perfect solution for all PE store drop-off packaging.


  • Mono Layer Film
  • High MD tensile
  • Heat Stabilized
  • Good Stiffness
  • Reduces polyester cross tear
  • Can be easily printed

Standard Colors

  • Clear


  • Tapes
  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Laminating

General Data

Typical ValuesUnitsTest Method
Nominal Yieldin²/lb26,86413,4329,2637,069Trico
Haze%5799ASTM D1003
Tensile Strength @ Break (PSI)MD50,00050,00050,00050,000ASTM D882
TD2,7002,7002,7002,700ASTM D882
Elongation @ Break (%)MD125125125125ASTM D882
TD600600600600ASTM D882
Shrinkage @ 212F (10 min)%< 2.0< 2.0< 2.0< 2.0Trico
Electrostatic TreatmentDynes42424242ASTM D2578

Upon request, other gauges can be supplied from 0.9 – 5 mils. Modification to the above values can be made depending on the end use of the film structure.

Note: These values are typical performance data. We believe the information is the best currently available and is offered as a helpful determination for selecting TSF’s products. Trico Specialty Films, LLC makes no guaranties of results and assumes no liability with correctness of this information.