Opake White is designed with your graphic displays in mind. Opake has 100% block out opacity so both sides can be printed without any readthrough. No plasticizers or toxic material are used in Opake, making it an ideal replacement for PVC, and is 100% recyclable.


  • Higher area yield than PVC
  • Balanced tensile and elongation
  • Flexible yet tough
  • No plasticizers or toxic materials
  • 100% recyclable
  • Film thickness can be supplied between 8 – 20 mils
  • Outdoor use guaranteed up to 3 to 5 with UV film


  • Two side printable for banners, posters, decals and tags.
  • Great tear and puncture resistance where grommets can be applied
  • Product can be sewn

General Data

Typical ValuesUnitsThicknessThicknessThicknessTest Method
Area Yieldin²/lb3,3422,9702,056Trico
Opacity (Block Out)%>100>100>100ASTM D1003
Gloss 60 DegreeInside262626Garden Meter
Outside323232Garden Meter
Tensile Strength @ Break (PSI)MD3,1003,1003,100ASTM D882
TD2,9002,9002,900ASTM D882
Elongation @ Break (%)MD>400>400>400ASTM D882
TD>400>400>400ASTM D822
Heat Shrinkage @ 212F (10 min)%NilNilNilTrico
Corona TreatmentDynes464646ASTM D2578

*Surface pits /gels: Small pin hole size pits or gels may be found and is representative of the manufacturing process. This will be more prevalent to see when a full flood coat of dark ink is applied.  These small holes/gels should not be densely populated, but more so sporadic across the sheet.

Note: These values are typical performance data. We believe the information is the best currently available and is offered as a helpful determination for selecting TSF’s products. Trico Specialty Films, LLC makes no guaranties of results and assumes no liability with correctness of this information.